Independent director | CFO services for holding companies

Ypsilon PCS provides CFO services for privately owned holding companies and their participations, like:
-	Development of an overall financial strategy
-	Micro and macro economic research
-	Setting up a strategy for financial investments/assets
-	Real estate and private equity investment strategies
-	Corporate Finance and Lending
-	Performance measurement of overall company / family assets
-	Risk and liquidity management
-	Corporate and shareholder governance

Ypsilon PCS works closely together with specialised partners including:
-	Asset Managers & Investment Advisors
-	Real Estate and Private Equity Specialists
-	Tax Lawyers and Estate Planners
-	Accountants and Auditors
-	Trust Companies and Domiciliation Agents
-	Insurance Brokers
-	Providers of reporting software

Independent and objective management is only possible if the above mentioned partners do not influence management decisions. Therefore, Ypsilon PCS does not receive any financial compensation from these partners nor does it offer these services itself. 

Ypsilon PCS S.à r.l. 
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